Emails being blocked

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Emails being blocked


I am researching the potential that my emails are being blocked by one particular company. I know that they are delivered according to Marketo, but there are no opens. I think they are being caught in company spam filter, and assume it is based on the sender ip address that comes through. If this is the case, is there a way to get what the ip address would be (being that emails are sent through Marketo - would that make IP address not my own company IP?)...

I also heard you could create multiple IPs so that you can alternate and avoid Spam from one particular IP address? Is this considered email best practice or just being sneaky?
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Re: Emails being blocked

If you send yourself an email (to gmail ideally), you can see all the headers by looking at Show Original.

This will display the Marketo IP address you are using.  You can pay Marketo for a dedicated IP if you want to switch. But keep in mind Spam filters look at IPs, domain names, content, and coding. I suspect that company either looked at your domain and IP. Ccheck with Support to see if your IP was blacklisted or has a lot of bad emailers on it. Then get switched if they agree it would help.