Email with List of Products and Versions

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Email with List of Products and Versions

Hello Everyone,

I am sure I am not the first to come across this, but I wasn't able to find it in my search attempts.  I am building an email to send to customers with multiple products alongside their version of the products and the most recent version release.  It would look something like this:

Product Name
Version PurchasedLatest Version

Most customers have an average of 5 products... I originally was going to put Custom Objects in place, but was having problems with listing so many products and overriding information.  I now understand that email scripting is probably the best route to take, but wanted input on how to upload the product information to link back to. 

Should I create fields such as Product 1, Version Purchased 1, Latest Version 1 and then use the email scripting within the custom objects? 

I am kind of new to Marketo, and I use community often to problem solve and learn new techniques.  This is the first email requiring such detailed tokens and we are eager to learn and implement the best strategy.



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Re: Email with List of Products and Versions

Hi Hollie,

There are 2 issues here and email scripting can only solve one:

  1. You need to store the info in Marketo. You can do this in a custom object or in a long text lead field.
    1. For Custom objects, you will have to load the data either from your CRM (SFDC or MS Dynamics) or using Marketo API (Or an ETL that connects to Marketo through the API)
    2. For a text field, use preferably a structured format in the field, such a Json (in which case the data will look like [{"Product Name": "Dopple", "Version Purchased":"3.8", "Latest Version":"4.2" },{"Product Name":"Triad", "Version Purchased":"6.8", "Latest Version":"7.1"}] ). This means you will have to produce that data on the source side and insert in Marketo in the appropriate lead field.
  2. You need to render the info in the email. There the Script token is the solution. It will use the data above and render it in a table format as you wish.

The reason why creating multiple sets of 3 fields is not a recommended approach is that sooner or later, your field structure will no longer match your needs and you will be annoyed.