Email signature snippets not saving!

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Email signature snippets not saving!

Hey so I created two snippets, one for my email signature and one for my colleague Jon. I'm responsible for nurturing prospects and when they request a demo or their lead score advances to a point, they become Jon's responsibility.

Previously on all the nurture emails it was Jon's email signature I had put, but we decided that it's better if all the nurture emails come from me so that if people reply but are not yet ready for a demo, I can handle their queries and Jon can focus on his demos with prospects who are ready. It gives me better control and saves his time.

Note that Jon does have a SalesForce account and his email signature could be build with tokens, but I don't have a SalesForce account since I'm a marketer only, so my signature cannot be build with tokens (as far as I know? I could be wrong about that)

SO - I created these two snippets and I wanted to go and delete the manual email signature I'd put for him on all the nurture emails, with the snippet version of my signature. I followed this process:

- Copied the body copy of the email

- Replace all with the snippet of my signature

- Saved the email

- The edit button became clickable so I go in and above the new snippet I place the copied body text

- Now the original body copy is there with the new email signature

- Approve draft

- All is well

But for some reason I went back into one of the emails I had approved, only to see that what I had done above, had NOT saved at all! I don't understand why this is the case, but now I am left wondering how snippets are supposed to work, is this a bug and feel like I am going to have to go and manually edit around 50 emails.... if anyone could help with this I would really appreciate it.



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Re: Email signature snippets not saving!

Hi Kim,

It sounds like you did all the right things to create a snippet, but it sounds like you may not be using snippets the way they're designed to.  Instead of creating 2 snippets, you want to use just 1 snippet with two variations for two different types of leads.

Snippets are managed by approved Segmentations in your "Lead Database" section.  You will want to read this article to Create a Segmentation - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

Then create a segmentation with 2 segments - 1 for you and 1 for Jon.

Segment 1

Behavior Score < whatever your threshold for handoff is


Live Demo = not requested

Segment 2

Behavior Score >= threshold


Live Demo = requested

Obviously you will use filters & values for however you track score & demos in your instance.  Then you go back to your snippet, preview the default version, then test on a few lead records (perhaps your own colleagues).

For full documentation on the subject, check this out too:

Segmentation and Snippets - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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Re: Email signature snippets not saving!

Thanks for the reply and details Philip! I'll try this out and let you know the outcome.