Email Send Program Not Showing Metrics

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Email Send Program Not Showing Metrics

Hi there,

Has anyone experienced setting up email programs, approving them to send, and post sending (the mailbox flap is closed indicating it sent and the approval area of the control panel also shows that it has finished processing) but no email metrics are showing on the dashboard? 

I tried pulling a separate smart list to see if anyone received the email and it is showing 0 people. I also tried creating another smart list with all of the email criteria and it is showing 0 people even though that is incorrect.

Marketo support's initial response is that if it was cloned from a previous email send program, that could be creating invisible issues and/or there is a lot of criteria in the email send program (about 20 constraints/criteria) that that can over-complicate it.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, did you have any luck trying to resolve?

Thank you so much in advance!