Email Reporting Capabilities: Reach, Opens, CTR?

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Email Reporting Capabilities: Reach, Opens, CTR?

Hi everyone, 

I'm looking for a way to get a report of reach, opens, open rate, and CTR for different categories of emails over a certain time frame. I have each email type tagged so theoretically I should be able to see reports in Performance Insights or Program Performance areas, but either I can't find where to change the metrics being reported on or they can't be changed (can only see things like successes or new names). Is there a good way to see this information filtered by tag, or can I only see it on each individual email program's dashboard?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Email Reporting Capabilities: Reach, Opens, CTR?

Hi MK,


The Email Performance Report type is the one that has # of recipients (reach), opens, open rate, click through rate, etc. You can select a particular timeframe under the report's Setup tab. However, the ability to filter by program tag is only available on the Program Performance report type. It might be related to the fact that the email performance report is reporting on an email asset object (and an email asset could be referenced in multiple programs), whereas the tag is associated with the program object.


- Beth