Email Performance Report Help

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Email Performance Report Help

Hi There,

I wondered if anyone could help, my email batch would not run: 'Failed while evaluating the campaign smartlist, flow was not executed'

Could anyone shed some light on this?


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Re: Email Performance Report Help

Hi Lauren, 

If there is an error in the smart list criteria, Marketo will not proceed further i.e. it will not qualify the leads to flow through the steps you have given in the flow tab. Try rechecking the smart list criteria and then check the schedule tab for the smart list status which will display the counts and then schedule the campaign at your desired time. 

Please let us know if that worked. 


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Re: Email Performance Report Help

If your campaign smart list references another smart list, check that for an error. The campaign smart list doesn't know there's an error on the referenced smart list until it starts to run. When you set it up, the campaign smart list is only checking to see if the referenced smart list exists.