Email Invalid - Opened An Email After Going Invalid?

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Email Invalid - Opened An Email After Going Invalid?

Hi everyone!  I need some help ... The default data management program for email invalid only changes the data value to false if the email address is manually updated.

What I'd like to do is create a smart campaign to change the data value if someone opens an email after the date of their record being marked as invalid.

I'm having trouble setting it up so that the Opened Email happens after the Email Invalid data value being changed.

Currently I have the smart list setup with these filters but can't figure out the correct way to set the Date of Activity for each.

  • Email Invalid = True
  • Unsubscribed = False
  • Data Value Changed = Email Invalid
    • New Value = True
    • Date of Activity = ?
  • Opened Email
    • Email = Is Any
    • Date of Activity = ?

Thanks for the help!


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Re: Email Invalid - Opened An Email After Going Invalid?

Since you won't have a timestamp that you can easily access on the email invalid data change, you should set this as a Triggered Smart Campaign to be a point-in-time update on that data value for anyone who qualifies.

It would look something like this...

Trigger: Opened Email (is any)
Email Invalid = True
Unsubscribed = False

Flow action would be the Data Vaue Change to make Email Invalid = False.

This should catch anyone...I'd keep a close eye on this, though, to make sure it's not inadvertently creating a strain on the system. It shouldn't, but always best to watch new campaigns closely anytime you launch them!

Good luck!