Email invalid in wait step

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Email invalid in wait step

Hello everyone,

Can someone confirm that when an email address bounces and becomes invalid in a Smart Campaign flow and is then placed into a wait step, it will not be sent email to by the next Send step?

Some of these addresses are typos that I can correct after the bounce (we will soon implement typo check at form entry). If I correct them and set them to Email invalid = False, will they be able to continue through the Send steps?



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Re: Email invalid in wait step

Hi Thomas,

What is the timeframe set between the wait flow and next send flow? Marketo will suspend email addresses that are marked as invalid, but not until after 24 hours. You can learn more about Marketo's bounce classification here:

Hard and Soft Bounces in Email - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

You may want to consider setting up bounce management campaigns for both hard and soft bounces, as a fail-safe to capture and monitor bounced email addresses. Brian Law  has created some resources you may find useful:

Data Management Best Practices – Resources for Managing Bounces

Data Management Strategies – Setting Marketing Suspended to False