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I'm looking at my Email Insights reporting, specifically around engagement metrics by device type.

I see Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Other, and Unknown.

My other category is such a big chunk! It's just a little less than mobile.

Could someone explain what this 'Other' category is? Does this mean that the email clients I am sending to are blocking their open/click information from being shared?

Also, are the numbers in this email insights report being double counted?

So, if someone opens an email first on their phone and then opens it on their desktop later on... Does that count as both mobile and desktop?
Or is it first touch attribution?


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Re: Email Insights

Interesting question. Check the docs.

Device data is tricky and it's going to be limited regardless of what you do.  Marketo will only know the data if someone Opens or Clicks. If it's a spam filter bot, then that will be recorded instead of the real device.

If you select Other and drill down, does that give you more data? You can run smart lists instead if you want to get some finer data.