Email Insights - Device Type: Other

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Email Insights - Device Type: Other

Hi there,

I was wondering which devices or user agents feed into the Other bucket. I see a couple of countries where the Other type seems to be more prominent than others, e.g. Italy and Russia. Could this be Windows Phones?

Anybody having any info/insights? I don't expect Marketo to give an official full run down, but adding some more color would help understanding.



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Re: Email Insights - Device Type: Other

Hi Ulf,

Here is a bit more detail -

Email Insights FAQ - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

Why do many metrics show zero when I filter by Device Type or Device OS?

With the exception of Click-to-Open-Rate, Opens, Clicks, and Unsubscribes, all other supported metrics are either delivery events or ratios derived from delivery events. Since Device Type and Device OS only apply to Engagement metrics, we simply do not have the information to display. For example, it's an undefined query to ask for the Delivery Rate when filtered by Device Type = mobile, since Marketo would not have received any Engagement metrics for either the underlying Delivery and Sent events. We are exploring ways to apply the Device Type and Device OS from Engagement metrics for ratios comprised both of Engagement and Delivery metrics.