Email Design Question

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Email Design Question

I am curious to see what other marketers' thoughts are on email design. We are trying to decide which is best between these 2 options:

  1. Have an email/newsletter that contains short snippets of articles with a link to read more that takes them to a landing page with the full article.
  2. Have basically and intro email with nothing but a brief greeting, maybe a header, and a  "Click here to Read the Newsletter" button as a call to action.

I realize that with Option #1, readers only have to click once to get to the article they're interested in reading, while Option #2, they must click once to open the newsletter, and then they must click a 2nd time to reach the article they're interested in.

What are others' thoughts on the effectiveness of these two email design ideas?

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Re: Email Design Question

Hi Aaron,

Speaking from a consumer standpoint I am more likely to engage with an email if it's set up the way you describe in the first situation.  If I see a headline or snippet of an article that catches my eye I'm definitely going to check it out, whereas I may or may not click through the second option you describe.  I would say it's better to give a "free sample" and use that to get leads clicking through.


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Re: Email Design Question

I would go with your option 1 as it gives less number of click for lead to access the content.

There is also a nice Marketo blog Understanding the Value of Your B2B Newsletter though its a bit old but worth giving a read.



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Re: Email Design Question

Hi Aaron,

As john said, #1 will be much more efficient. Try to limit the number of CTA's though. Too many CTAs do not foster more clicks, it creates confusion. 3/4 articles is good, 5 is all right, more than 6 is not recommended.

All tests we run show that more frequent ermails with 1 CTA (if it's not more than 1 or twice a week) work better than a monthly newsletter with many CTAs.

Also, with less CTAs, it's easier to craft a personalized message and even to use a nurturing flow with multiple, targeted streams.