Email Deliverability and Sender Domain

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Re: Email Deliverability and Sender Domain

- Message envelope - the friendly-from and reply-to addresses

The message envelope includes only the MAIL FROM: and RCPT TO: (RFC x21) SMTP addresses, not the From: and Reply-To: headers (RFC x22).

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Re: Email Deliverability and Sender Domain


I recently did some work for a client that showed that while they were getting circa 20% open rates it was pretty much always the same people opening the emails (we did this by analysing across about 3 months of email sends).  Of their 50k emailable base, the reality is that only about 10k were even vaguely engaged.  This has now lead to a pretty significant piece of work around cross channel re-engagement (combination of in store, web, social, SMS etc.)

So, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Work out who makes up the 10%.. is it the same 10% week on week.  If so, then look at why the other 90% aren't opening (maybe pick up the phone and ask a few).
  2. Make sure you aren't hitting the major email providers spam traps (this can happen even with SPF and DKIM set correctly). It may be worth checking out
  3. What are your click through rates?  Revenue?  Event Attendance?  Is open rate really the measure of success you are looking for?
  4. Have you tried to find out what open rates are for similar types of eDM comms in the industry sector you are in?  10% may be normal .

Best of luck getting the rates up.