Email - Communication Limits

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Email - Communication Limits

Hi Team,


Please help with this question:

Do operational email affect other emails, For example, if two non operational emails are sent in a week, then an operational one, then another non operational email is sent, will that last email be affected?


Currently the email communication limits set is 1/day and 3/week.

So if two non operational emails sent in a week and then an operational one and then another non operational email  - will this last non operational email will be sent ? because already three email/week is sent or limit is only applicable only for non operational emails, the limit ignores the operational email count?.









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Re: Email - Communication Limits

Operational emails are not counted towards the daily communication limit counts, so after 2 non-operational email sends earlier in the week and an operational email later in the week would not make that person reach their set communication limit of 3 emails per week. They'd receive the 3rd non-operational email.