Edit/create new email template

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Edit/create new email template

Hi,  I am new to Marketo and have taken the Basic Foundation course, but am having trouble with templates.

We have templates that Marketo created for our association, however I would like to edit them with more logo's/images and content. When I click on the edit draft, I cannot edit the content, only in the HTML Source.

Question: Is the HTML source the ONLY place I can add my content and images? For someone is is knowledgeable in HTML (only at 50%), this is not ideal. How can I update the templates to reflect what we are truly looking for in a template?

I have also cloned a template to see if the edits were different, to no avail. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Re: Edit/create new email template

Email Templates do require a knowledge of HTML. if you know enough to change the IMG URLs, then you should be fine. If not, then please find an expert to help you. Launchpoint.marketo.com has a few options. I usually go with Grazitti and Perkuto. There are also freelancers. I could probably do this assuming you just need some basic changes.

Keep in mind that the Template is just a Template. You should NOT worry about the content here. Only worry about the format, structure, and common images.

Go to docs.marketo.com to see how to do this.

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Re: Edit/create new email template

Anytime we need to make significant changes to a template (e.g., tweak the layout, add new editable regions, etc.), we simply copy/paste the HTML code into Dreamweaver and edit within this visual environment.  Once finished, we just copy/paste back into Marketo.  Always make a backup just in case something doesn't work right.

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Re: Edit/create new email template

Thanks for your all your help.

I do understand that content is at the email level when I am setting up the content, but we have many templates that we currently use with our old system that allow any user to follow if they are not familiar with the software.


Email header

Dynamic content %first name%,

Insert objective 1

Insert objective 2

Insert objective 3

More content here

insert link here

Footer is here.

Something to that effect, in the even that someone is not available, another individual would be able to conduct an email deployment.

As for Dreamweaver, never thought of that (I do use it). Just think it should be slightly more user friendly in terms of being able to added an outline to a template other than using HTML.

I will certainly look at the documents posted.

Thanks again! Tara