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ecommerce event registration

We are currently using marketo to manage registrations for our free Webinars. Our next one is going to involve a fee.


-Has anyone successfully integrated a payment platform with a marketo registration form?

-Or, used a 3rd party eCommerce / paid event platform to pass leads into marketo?

I am currently looking into an integration of Shopify+Wordpress for the payment aspect, and continuing to use GotoWebcasts+Marketo for the event and lead management. This seems overly complex so I am hoping there is a better way.

We may eventually change to a different webinar platform but for now, it has to be GoToWebcasts (which integrates with Marketo, but does not have an ecommerce option)


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Re: ecommerce event registration

Hi Bonnie,

At Grazitti Interactive (Marketo LunchPoint Partner), we have successfully integrated various technology platform with Marketo.

Here are few LaunchPoint links for our integration work:

Magento-MKTO plugin

Wordpress-MKTO plugin:

Drupal-MKTO plugin:

Would be great, if we could hop on a call and discuss Shopify and Wordpress integration. Please suggest few time slots via email to fix a call.


Shailendra Pratap

M +1-650 417 9738 | E:

Grazitti Interactive