E-mail Alerts for Sales Leads

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E-mail Alerts for Sales Leads

Our company has several forms for our customers to fill in on our website that are created and maintained in Marketo. When a new form submission is received, we have an email alert that goes out to a specified Sales lead. In those emails that go to the Sales leads, we want to be able to identify the page that the customer was viewing on our website that they accessed the form from. We also integrate with our Salesforce, and a field called "Original Source Info" is a field we have in Salesforce that lets us know the URL that the person was accessing. I tried to add a token to add this field into the email alert, and it doesn't seem to be populating correctly as I would expect.

In short, I want to be able to have an email alert come in, include the service the user was looking for when they contacted us, and include SOMEWHERE in the email alert to Sales, the page URL they were viewing, or a title tag of the page.


Does anyone know if this is possible and how to do it? Thanks!

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Re: E-mail Alerts for Sales Leads

@emilyd ,

can you show us what you've built so far please?  Diagnosing without so much as a screen shot of the email (in email builder and in preview) makes life super tricky.