Dynamics CRM opportunity value bug

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Dynamics CRM opportunity value bug

Not sure where else to turn, we have a sync issue Marketo has never heard of before, but all our CRM settings are default. I've escalated it on all fronts and nobody seems to be able to help. I hope one of you has bumped into this issue and resolved it.

In short, opportunity value synced from Dynamics CRM (2016) is inflated by a factor of 10,000 in Marketo. We've tracked the issue down to how the CRM and Marketo interpret numeric values:

CRM user interface entry: 1

CRM user interface reformats to: $ 1.00

CRM DB entry (estimatedvalue field on opportunity entity): 1.0000

     *the fieldtype "money" is set to 4 decimal by default and can't be changed easily

Marketo data after sync: 10000

Marketo UI reformatted: $ 10,000.00

It seems like the 4-digit decimal value (tested with all kinds of values) is giving Marketo trouble. Since it doesn't know what 5000.0000 is supposed to mean, it simply decides that the decimal point is an anomaly and removes that character, treating the data as 50000000.

I'm told we can't simply change the database setting to 2-decimal, and that we can't direct Marketo to query opportunity estimatedvalue from a custom field which we could format at will.

I hope it's something trivial that everyone's missing, it seems unfathomable to me that default settings on such mainstream integration would only be an issue for one customer.

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Re: Dynamics CRM opportunity value bug

This doesn't seem to be an issue in our instance.  The opportunity amount in Marketo is mapped to the "services revenue" field in Dynamics CRM.