Dynamic Links in Emails

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Dynamic Links in Emails

For our partners we have several different price classes for how they sell our products.  We need to send updated sheets to each of these people.  If I create an email for every different price class I will need to set up about 30 different smart campaigns.  Is it possible to dynamically generate a link inside of an email so that:

Lead X is Price Class Y - the link in his email would be XYZ
Lead A is Price Class B - the link in his email would be ABC

Additionally, some may be in multiple price classes, it would be even better if I could potentially include more than one if more than one exists... but this may be exponentially more complicated.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Dynamic Links in Emails

You should be able to do this with Segmentations and Dynamic Lists.

An alternative would be to add a field to each record and set that link there, then place the token in the email.