Dynamic content in an email

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Dynamic content in an email

Hey everyone!

I have a question about dynamic content in an email. First, I did a geographical segmentation and later I used that segmentation in the email.

I just need this: If someone put in the form Country: Colombia or Mexico, the Follow Up email arrives from Pepito Pérez, but if someone put County: Guatemala or Honduras, the Follow up email arrives from Maria Martinez. Is that possible?

I am using the dynamic content like this, according to the country its a different sender:



But when I make a test, never matches according to the rules that I put in the dynamic content. For example: If I put country: Guatemala, the sender is another one and not Maria Martinez, who should be.

Why is this happening? What should I do different?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Dynamic content in an email

Segmentations operate as a waterfall - whichever Segment the leads FIRST qualifies for, will be that Person's segment until their underlying data value changes.

From the way you word your question, I don't entirely get the mapping you want for

From Email Address | Segment Name

but let's say that you want

Josh.hill@company.com | Colombia

and my Country value = Colombia

then that should be ok as long as your Segment is only looking at Country=Colombia.

Now, your Sample Test when you send it must be based off a Lead that matches your expectations. The best way is to right click on the asset and then add the email address of a Lead you wish to test against. In your case, you could test a Lead you KNOW has the Colombia Segment. Or just choose anyone and verify it later in the Lead Database.

But all of this assumes you have good data in your Segmentation and you understand the order of the waterfall.

For example, if you have two Country fields:


Country (A)=Argentina

and in your Segment, you have Argentina > Colombia

and your Segment for Argentina says

Country (A)=Argentina




Country=something else


then this Lead matches Argentina Segment.