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Drip Campaigns

We are trying to build a drip campaign but we want the stream to be able to send the second email based on the open and send reminder emails if not opened. It's not possible in the engagement program and the streams so we have opted to use the smart campaigns to create it. Though we have created most of the structure for it we are actually having trouble creating the exit campaign for it, if it becomes part of another similar drip stream for another product. We want the lead to exit the previous drip and be part of only one drip. The only filter we could find for the flow is "Remove from Flow". But each drip will have around 7-8 smart campaigns from where we will have to remove the lead from the flow and we will be having around 7 drips so there would be around 54 remove from flow steps in each exit campaign of the drip. Is there any other way we can remove them from the entire program at once. Pausing the lead will only pause him in the streams and not in the campaigns? Am I right?

Need a little guidance on it.

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Re: Drip Campaigns


Firstly, please move this discussion to Products as it is Marketo-specific.

I'll try to offer some overall guidance here to help you get started.

1. You can use transition rules to listen for behavior of a stream email and move people to another stream. More info: Transition People Between Engagement Streams - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

2. The Remove From Flow step in a smart campaign flow removes the person from the rest of the flow of the smart campaign, it doesn't remove from a program or pause them in a program.

3. If you wish to remove people from a program altogether, you can use the flow step, "Change Program Status: Not in Program".

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Re: Drip Campaigns

To jump in, I would add caution on using "remove from program" as it will result in that individual no longer showing in program performance reports for that nurture - which is not ideal! If it's used for large numbers of people, reports on the success of that nurture will likely not be reliable.