Drift Bot Cookied Lead Incorrectly

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Drift Bot Cookied Lead Incorrectly

Wanted to see if anyone else had experienced an issue with the Marketo and Drift integration where someone came to you website, engaged with the Drift chat bot, but were recognized as the wrong person. Right now we have it setup so that if someone was already identified by Marketo, Drift will automatically recognize them as a known contact. However it recognized one our our own employees as a customer and so it showed the customer email instead of the one her own lead should have been cookied as. 


Any help or ideas would be appreciated. 

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Re: Drift Bot Cookied Lead Incorrectly

Doubt this has anything directly to do with Drift — it's more likely to be usual situation where the person A's session is actually associated with Person B in the database, due to clicking a forwarded (or merely copied-and-pasted) link.