DOI-Program setup for lead from CRM

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DOI-Program setup for lead from CRM

What is the best way to set up a program in Marketo to always change the DOI when a contact comes from CRM (and is subscribed)?


I'm new to Marketo and hope someone can help me, which steps I need to follow 🙂 Here is a little more background to my question:


The issue is that apparently in CRM the contacts are set on subscribe (bulk email = allow) which sync it to Marketo. That is the expected behavior and is fine. However, we need to set up then some campaigns in Marketo to maintain fields that are not updated by CRM like DOI, etc. When I look in the opt-in programs (SOI & DOI ) I see plenty of fields that are supposed to be set by the program. But as some persons don’t run through the program the fields won’t be updated.

I would like to set a program to change the DOI always when a contact comes from CRM and is subscribed…

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Re: DOI-Program setup for lead from CRM

That would be done through a Marketo Smart Campaign. Either by trigger or by recurring batch.


Let's describe Recurring Batch:


Smart List: Record was created in past day and Source = Salesforce and Unsubscribe is not TRUE.

Flow Steps: Change Data Value DOI = true (and all other fields you might want to update like "DOI Date = {{}}"


Let this campaign run once per day. If you need the field updates in real time, set this campaign up as a trigger campaign.


In parallel you might want to run a second campaign that covers the other case. Something like:


Smart List: Unsubscribed was changed to TRUE

Flow Steps: Change Data Value DOI = false, DOI Date = NULL and so on. Depending on what you want.




That's just the technical perspective. DOI means "double opt in", right? I would certainly not encourage to change the value of a DOI field by anything other than clicking on a link a DOI confirmation email. Are you certain that your Salesforce created records really do have a DOI?