Does anyone use Marketo with Encompass/Velocify?

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Does anyone use Marketo with Encompass/Velocify?

Hi there,

I work for a financial services company, and our mortgage team would like to set up an integration between Marketo and Ellie Mae Encompass (a mortgage loan origination system) and Velocify (a sales engagement system) for loan prospect nurturing. Has anyone done this? Was this an integration facilitated through Encompass/Velocify, or done via an in-house API?

We are having trouble getting a hold of someone at Velocify to discuss an integration, even though Velocify is listed as a LaunchPoint partner (although I'm guessing this was before Velocify was purchased by Ellie Mae Encompass): Velocify Marketo Integration » Marketo LaunchPoint® 

I have been able to create forms in Marketo to submit information to Velocify via webhooks, but I'm not sure this is the best solution for all of our marketing going forward. (This was my first time using webhooks.)

If anyone is working with the same systems, I would appreciate your insights! Thanks!