Distinguish Clicks and Opens

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Distinguish Clicks and Opens


When I am doing a data pull, I want to know how I could run a report where it gives me the information in one report:

Total Opens

Total Clicks

Unique Opens

Unique Clicks

Also, can it please be explained the current criteria Marketo is using to determine "Clicked Emails" and "Opens" in the Email Insights Report? Thank you!

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Re: Distinguish Clicks and Opens

Hi James!

Criteria for "Clicked Email" or "Opens Email" is Clicked / Opened AT LEAST ONE TIME. So 1 click and 10 clicks both count as 1 in the click count in the Email Performance Report. Opens only count 1 time, you don't get a total vs. unique count for opens, only total unique opens so the number you're getting from the email performance report gives you that. 

If you want to see total clicks vs. unique clicks, you want to use the "Email Link Performance" report. When you run that for selected emails, you'll see the number of times any click happened to a link in an email, and the count of 'people' that clicked something; which is your unique. 

Unfortunately, without pulling data via the API, there's no real easy way to get ALL of these data points onto a single report in Marketo