Re: Discrepancy between Marketo Logs

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Discrepancy between Marketo Logs

We've recently had an email released to an incorrect audience. When we talked to support they showed us the issue, but we don't have records of that user in our Admin Audit Trail logs making that change. Also, on our screen, we see the correct filter logic applied (using ALL filters) but on their screen, the discrepancy is someone changed it to (ANY) filters. We know we didn't touch that filter logic when they said we did as we were on a team call discussing something.


Has this happened to anyone before where there is a discrepancy between what support says and what your logs see from the Admin Audit Trail?

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Re: Discrepancy between Marketo Logs

The only times we've experienced this is when Marketo is down. Now, I usually deliberately delay working on Marketo when it's down, because we have seen that smart campaigns edits (filters, flows, operator logics etc.) don't save, despite that a user made them.