Did you attend the Marketo Summit?

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Re: Did you attend the Marketo Summit?

Thank you Liz. I marked your response as the "Best Answer" on this thread as I mentioned before. It will be of great value to everyone, including thosed that could not attend the event. I am very glad we were able to meet in person and look forward to the next event.

Everyone reading this thread, feel free to include any more details on how the event helped you move your business towards the next frontier of marketing automation within your organization.

Good luck!

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Re: Did you attend the Marketo Summit?

I agree with Jodi's comment regarding "You might like this" by Balihoo - one of the cooler ideas this Summit (and there were a lot).

Some other notable sessions were:
  • Native Integration Best Practices
  • Will the Real Lead Please Stand Up?
  • Using SFDC Dashboards to track KPIs
Datarati did their thing on the partner side. I also really enjoyed the Allocadia/Marketo Financial Management demo.

Enjoyed meeting Marketo users from all over the globe - loved seeing everyone from the community "come to life."

One of my favorite conferences overall - definitely up there with Dreamforce. Well done.
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Re: Did you attend the Marketo Summit?

Does anyone have screen shots of the new nurture feature in Marketo?
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Re: Did you attend the Marketo Summit?

Here are a few photos of the new Customer Engagement Module from Cheryl's presentation.







Here are a few shots of Kristine Steuart, CEO of Allocadia, showing the new Marketo Financial Management.






And here is the new Marketing Calendar.




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Re: Did you attend the Marketo Summit?

Best summit yet, Marketo! Huge kudos for all the hard work you all put in to make this a fantastic week for all of us. There were several sessions that I was very impressed with. Patty was a great keynote speaker, she really resonated with me! I'm still waiting for an invite to become her mentee as well... 🙂


Best part of the whole week was meeting my fellow Marketo users/lovers/champions and hanging out with my favorite Marketo employees. The networking from the week is priceless. 

Thanks for an awesome week, Marketo!!!!
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Re: Did you attend the Marketo Summit?

This was our first Marketo User Group Summit. WOW! We came away with so many ideas to really put Marketo to use for our organization.

I agree with Kendal that some of the sessions were just "eh." My two favorites were Best Practices for Deploying Marketo Across Multiple Product Lines with Keith Lincoln from SmartBear and Eric Dukart from Sundog and After the Sale: Marketo is Your Secret Weapon to Happy and Loyal Customers with Cate Vanasse with Egencia.

I'd love to see more use case examples from other B2B companies, especially those, like Egencia, who are using Marketo with a pre-defined customer base.
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Re: Did you attend the Marketo Summit?

It was a couple of days - I have a long list of best practices to start working on - and am really looking forward to the sessions being posted, so I can catch up on the ones I missed!

It was great meeting so many other members of the Marketing Nation and I'm definitely going to try to fit this into my calendar for next year!
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Re: Did you attend the Marketo Summit?

Just went to fill out my surveys and they're already closed. Bummer. 😞
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Re: Did you attend the Marketo Summit?

I've been to the Marketo Summit 3 times now, and each year it gets better. The content is broken into more relevant sessions, the accomodations allow for more people, the sponsors and partners have more to offer, the organization of the keynotes, sessions, and events gets better, the sneak peaks at the product development are more exciting, and you meet and hang out with other Marketo Users for mindsharing.

For me, I'm always hunting for nuggets of wisdom--ways that people have used Marketo to solve a problem that I have never considered. I echo what Charlie L said about the "You might like this" session with Balihoo. What an interesting idea to setup resource scoring, and then actually sharing what was done to set this up. THAT'S what I'm talkinng about--tell me about an innovation that you employ and HOW you employed it.

I'm exteremely excited about the Customer Engagement Model--that's where I live in Marketo, and it's been a painful place. I'm really looking forward to using this!

One tiny disappointment--I noticed a misprint in the agenda and while I intended to go to the Tuesday "Product Buy a Feature Innovation Game" the room listed was incorrect, so I actually was in Glen Lipka's story of the Marketo Product Design. I found it very interesting too, and Glen is a great speaker--I was in one of his sessions the past 2 years. However, I really wanted to see the Feature Innovation Game session!

I am happy to have met my Customer Success Team, who gave me a direct line to Alex, the VP of Product Development (I think that's his title...?). We had a nice chat about some issues I've been having and how we can work to remedy these issues. I'm feeling good about the future and Marketo's place in it!

One important mention: The food. I am lactose and gluten intolerant. Thank you for providing gluten-free and dairy-free choices for breakfast and lunch! 😄
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Re: Did you attend the Marketo Summit?

The best part of the summit for me was meeting all of the wonderful Marketo employees and all my friends in the Community, and trading stories and ideas.  Loved the "Product Roadmap Highlights" and "Product Brainstorming and Buy a Feature Innovation Game" sessions.   Totally agree with Kendal that "How to Optimize Social for Lead Generation" was a template that more of the sessions should follow - practical actionable advice from experts. 

Maybe I missed it, but the show guide didn't explain who each of the tracks were designed for.  The "Start" and "General" tracks were self explanatory, but "Optimize", "Revolutionize" and "Explore" didn't tell me much and the copy for each of the sessions was so titilating, it was hard to differentiate them.  So I wound up going to some sessions that were more basic than I would have liked.  Maybe next year, they could have tracks that clearly identify the level of Marketo user that would most benefit from them.