Delivery speed of Marketo in real world?

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Delivery speed of Marketo in real world?

Hi experienced users of Marketo,

I'm quite new in Marketo, actually today we placed the first blast in it. And we got a surprise that the delivery speed is like ~100 per hour. I know may 1st time IP warming or any excuses like that can be a response/answer of this speed. But I'd like to know about the delivery speed from your side if you are using Marketo for a long time, or just longer than me. What is it in a real world? I saw a topic of discussion said it was 75K/h, but even 75K/h is not a highway.

Would you like to share your experiences here please?



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Re: Delivery speed of Marketo in real world?

This can depend on the list. If you have a dedicated IP, then yes, you should be careful not to oversend to Yahoo, Hotmail, etc... early on. Marketo does throttle these domains overall, so check that qualification list.

You can always raise a ticket to find out what's going on.

In some cases, the Campaign Queue may tell you more. Was this a simple Send Email or something more complex?