Deactivate Campaign : Urgent

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Deactivate Campaign : Urgent

Hi I have trigger campaign running which sends email in every 3 day.

I need to stop sending email , if I deactivate trigger will that stop or it will still send email who are already  part of  drip.

How do I stop ?


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Re: Deactivate Campaign : Urgent

Delete the relevant flow steps in the campaign.

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Re: Deactivate Campaign : Urgent

Hi Archana,

You can deactivate the Trigger Campaign to stop new leads from moving forward in the Flow, but you will also need to set up a new Smart Campaign to remove the ones that are already in the flow to ensure they don't get the next emails. To do that you need to:

1) Create Smart Campaign

2) In your Smart List, pull in Member of Smart Campaign: XXXXX (Original Trigger Campaign Name).

3) In your Flow, pull in Remove From Flow. For Campaign is include your Original Trigger Campaign Name

4) Run Campaign

That should take care of it! Hope that helps!

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Re: Deactivate Campaign : Urgent

Case in point: Best Practices I would recommend using the engagement programs to build out your nurtures so as to avoid situations like this.  It is really easy, to pause, add, change emails because most likely you will want to do that anyway.