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Database Cleanup - Lists

I am looking to cleanup my current database in Marketo by removing old list that have been imported and are no longer needed. That being said, I am having difficulty locating where every smart list is stored when importing the list for a specific campaign. Since, we are looking at developing a process to clean up old list, I am trying to create a report with the following dimensions.

  • List Name
  • Number of Contacts
  • Date Last Used

I do not know if this is possible but it would sure help clean up the database structure.


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Clay Houser

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Re: Database Cleanup - Lists

The "Date Last Used" requirement puts this idea firmly in the Ideas‌ category.  You can't build such a report right now, even with robust use of the REST API.

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Re: Database Cleanup - Lists

Not sure why you need to delete entire lists of leads when individual leads from old lists may be interacting with your company. Consider cleaning up old, inactive leads in general by using the following criteria instead:

Created At In past before 6 months

Not Filled out form is any

Not clicked email is any

Not visited webpage is any

Export everyone before deleting. Up to you if you want to leave Unsubscribes IN Marketo - because if you import lists further down the track, you won't need to scrub email addresses against people who have unsubscribed and been removed from Marketo.

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Re: Database Cleanup - Lists


We're in the process of cleaning up our MKTO DB and one of the filters we're using is simply "No email address". That's the first step as no point having incomplete data and not having an email address is pointless in Marketo. Hope this helps!


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Re: Database Cleanup - Lists

It's not at all true that not having an Email Address makes a lead worthless! Such leads can still receive SMS comms and can be reengaged via direct mail. They also can still be logging web activities.

I urge you to reconsider your concept of inactivity.