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Data Management Help

Hi all,

Hope you're doing well.

Our Marketable leads are really Low, less than 50%.

Do you have Suggestions on  filters that we can use please. example Hard bounce 2x, Email invalid and spam traps .

Is it okay to remove deadbase 180 days?

Email address invalid?

What should we keep and what should we remove?

Is it okay to delete leads that are not marketable on marketo and just keep them on sfdc?


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Re: Data Management Help

Hi Jas,

You probably need to look a little deeper before making a decision to discard leads (which cannot be undone) and split your non marketable leads between various categories:

  • Email invalid = true who belong to suit spot accounts or customers. Send them to the sales (add them in an SFDC campaign for instance) so that the sales requalify them.
  • Email invalid = True who do not really matter. You can discard them.
  • Unsubscribed = true. unless you really need to reduce the size of your database, keep them. They may come back and change their mind
  • Marketing suspended = true. How many do you have? Why are they suspended
  • Black Listed. If you delete them, Marketo will forget about black listing and will consider them as acceptable leads.

You can delete them in Marketo and keep them in SFDC. There are 2 risks

  • someone updates them in SFDC, which sends them back to Marketo. But the potential informations about invalid emails, unless you have made sure that the info is posted to SFDC (you will need proxy fields for this). and these will be targeted in the next campaigns, which is never good for sender point reputation.
  • is a little risk that the lead comes back on a form and fills it out. As Marketo does not know this person, the lead will be created as New in Marketo, then sent to SFDC creating a duplicate there.


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Re: Data Management Help

Wow thanks greg.

We have several millions of record but I our database were really messy.

Most of our records came from eloqua

Heres our database segmentation percentage vs all leads


All leads100.00%
Unsubscribes (total all time) - Unsubscribed Leads43.98%
Bounced email addresses4.98%
Marketing suspend2.55%
Dead base - no activity 180 days43.62%
Emailable, active base, 180 days16.89%
Full exclude list, 180 days83.11%
Possible Duplicate21.53%
No Acquisition Program89.67%



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Re: Data Management Help

Then you key problem is the unsubs that have been imported from Eloqua.

Marketo has a feature called durable unsubscribe that makes sure that it will remember these email addresses will remain unsubscribed even if you delete them from Marketo. So I would consider deleting some of them, especially the ones that are also "dead base".

Read this: Feeding the Durable Unsubscribe List without increasing the database