D365 Sync with Custom Entities

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D365 Sync with Custom Entities


I have enabled D365 sync for the main entities and custom entities, selecting all the fields required via Dynamics Entities Sync. Basic the sync is successful and Marketo Rows shows all the number of rows synced successfully. I have done this for a number of custom entities as well as applying constraint and trigger to the required fields.There are green ticks next to all the entities and fields I have chosen to sync.


When I go into Smart List and apply filter, I can see the option "Has 'Custom Entity'" and I have set it to True to return people that has the custom entities attached.


The problem is that I cannot filter or return fields from the custom entity using the Smart List. The custom entities does not appear in the filters tree view on the left. Only filters for Person and Company and a few other unrelated ones.


I'm not sure whether this has to do with my subscription or am I missing something.


Any help is appreciated.



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Re: D365 Sync with Custom Entities

Hey Paul, 

Yes the custom entity wouldnt show up on the left tree however if you create a relationship between your custom entity and contact or lead or account entity and sync down the field to marketo, you will see the field as an attribute under the person or company. From which you can filter your leads accordingly. 



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Re: D365 Sync with Custom Entities

Hi Guys,


Helpful Post - the relationship - this needs to be in Marketo or D365?




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Re: D365 Sync with Custom Entities

Custom entities work a little different than regular person or company fields. You say you can see the filter "Has Custom Entity" and that is exactly what you need. You add this filter to your smart list and with the "Add Constraint" in the top right corner you can access the fields in the custom entity to your filter and set criteria for then.