Custom report email

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Custom report email

I have an email template I want to use to send out a weekly report of people who've filled out a form. I created a Smart List for this, but I want it to be automatically sent in a nice email format. Is there email scripting that can do this?

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Re: Custom report email

You can't customize the standard report/Smart List subscription format.


You can create a custom way of reporting on forms, where you first log the form fillouts to a Google Sheet (this is really to get them in the same place, the fact that it's a sheet isn't important as it could be any temporary db) and then bring that weeks fillouts into a Textarea field on a "resource lead" or "reporting lead" you create in Marketo for this purpose. And then you could use Velocity scripting to create a custom layout within an email.


Naturally the 2nd option takes some experience.