Custom Form Fill based on URL Parameters?

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Custom Form Fill based on URL Parameters?

We let people register for our webinars through a marketo form. In this form they can choose the date they want to attend the webinar in a drop-down selector box. Is it possible to pre-select that drop-down selector to be one of the dates based on a url parameter that they come in on?

For example, let's say that the page is /webinars/register-101 and they have 4 webinars to select from in the drop-down with the default being "select"

But if they come in on this url: /webinars/register-101?webinarsession=4 -> I'd like for the default option in the drop-down to already be selected as the 4th session so they can just immediately hit submit without having to go through the picklist.

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Re: Custom Form Fill based on URL Parameters?

Hi Broderick --

I might try using a combination of a hidden field that autofills based off of the URL parameter and Visibility Rules on the field that needs to change.  The idea being the URL parameters are actually setting the hidden field, which in turn updates the picklist order/values on the visible field.  There may be a more elegant way to do this, but that's where I'd start.

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Re: Custom Form Fill based on URL Parameters?

Like this: MktoForms2 :: Fill from Query

Note the use of the FormsPlus Util lib (the base of my other FormsPlus libs). It's the <script id="teknklFormsPlus-0.2.0-Util">. Download and include that on your pages after the <script> that loads forms2.min.js.