Current User Signature - Sales Insight

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Re: Current User Signature - Sales Insight

I would love to share with you Chris but unfortunately I have been left without.

I assume this information which was initially offered was later determined private for their company.  But my communication seems to be completely cut without explanation. 

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Re: Current User Signature - Sales Insight

Hi Josh (and everyone else here),

Unfortunately I had to take a bit of a break from the Community due to client work (and I sincerely apologize for leaving you high and dry, Josh), but I am definitely available to talk on this particular issue—I recommend just directly emailing me at (mostly so it's forced to stay on my radar!) for this or anything else you want to discuss in terms of solutions. Thanks!

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Re: Current User Signature - Sales Insight

I am looking to implement this same thing. Can you pretty please provide some insight into the solution? I want to have the signature be the person who initiated the Sales Insight email send?

Sean Richards
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Re: Current User Signature - Sales Insight

Just curious couldn't you make a segmentation based on your sales team, and adjust the signature to display based on the segmentation using the snippets?

As far as I know Marketo can use segmentation and define the area with a snippet, replace snippet if criteria is met.

Please let me know if it isn't possible, because my understanding is that segmentation should allow the system to work that way.