Cross device tracking using Munchkin

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Cross device tracking using Munchkin

Hi there,

Apologies if there has been a thread in the past, but i'm looking for information on how Munchkin tracks users across different devices.
We're in the process of setting up lead scoring and want to know, if the user is known, will their activity be tracked across mobile and desktop?
And subsequently what is tracked if the user is unknown?

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Cross device tracking using Munchkin

This has been discussed many times, if you search.

Munchkin doesn't itself do anything across devices, browsers, and sessions. (More to the point, it cannot do anything across these security boundaries.)

However, if a lead clicks an email link on desktop and also clicks a link on mobile, both of those sessions will be associated with the known lead. Their pageviews and on-page clicks (both before and after association) will be interleaved/stitched in their activity log. This is why I strongly recommend using a redirector page instead of sending direct download links, so you get as many associated sessions as possible.

Filling out a form and programmatic lead association (via Munchkin API or other endpoint) are the other ways to associate sessions with known leads.

While a session is still anonymous, you should not expect scores to change (although the behavior is different across releases of Munchkin, you should build for the lowest common denominator). Conversely, at the point that a session becomes associated, you should expect scoring campaigns to fire, including for actions taken while the lead was anonymous.