CRM Plug-Ins for Marketo Database

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CRM Plug-Ins for Marketo Database

My company is currently using Marketo’s lead database as our CRM tool and wanted to explore potential plug-ins to expand the CRM capabilities. Are there any suggestions for plug-ins that would ease the hand-off of leads from marketing to sales?

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Re: CRM Plug-Ins for Marketo Database

Marketo just... isn't a CRM. Not even close really.


And you're not going to find anything that can make Marketo act convincingly like a CRM, because the data model simply doesn't work.


The power of Marketo re: CRM is its native integrations with CRMs like SFDC & Dynamics, and potentially (emphasis on potentially) a custom integration with another CRM platform using the Marketo API + that other product's API.