Creating New Form Themes

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Creating New Form Themes

Is there a way to create a new entirely custom form theme?

We are building a new website and are having issues with Marketo forms working well with the responsive scrolling built into the new site due to the CSS styling that the form is loading.

If I can't create a new style-less theme, can I make the form fields auto adjust for width instead of a set width? That will solve most of the issues we are having.

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Re: Creating New Form Themes

Shayla, I'm not sure if you can create a style-less theme for a form. I think what you may need to do is "trump" the other stylesheets by adding !important to any styles in the Marketo form. This is what we did.

You could try using a percentage in the css style for the form field width.  (style="width: 50%;")  It doesn't have to be a set pixel width.

Or perhaps you could also implement an @media set of styles into the Marketo form....which kicks into effect when a window is resized down (or viewed on mobile device). We did this to prevent fields from being too wide when viewed on mobile.

I hope this helps a little. I'd be glad to elaborate more if needed. I'm not a pro when it comes to CSS but I know just enough to be dangerous  🙂
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Re: Creating New Form Themes

@Shayla W if you want to disable all styles, you can do it like so:

To be clear, this isn't changing the markup, just disabling the CSS rules. In other words, if Marketo wraps a BUTTON in a SPAN, it's going to stay that way in the DOM.  However you'll be able to style the markup any way you like.