Creating Landing Page API

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Creating Landing Page API

I am Testing the API for Creating Landing Page:

The API call for this is a little confusing because for this particular call the {id} value of the template needs to be passed through such as this, along with the clone.json which is use in all other methods of creating something from a template:

  • /rest/asset/v1/landingPage/{id}/clone.json

Instead we have this as the url for the call:

  • /rest/asset/v1/landingPages.json

This url gives us no way to pass the {id} of the template through to the server, nor does it include the clone.json. Therefore, when I use the current url for the api call, I get the following response from the server:

  • {"success":false,"warnings":[],"errors":[{"message":"A valid template id is required to create a landing page.","code":"701"}],"requestId":"dc0c#155702f75db”}

This is very perplexing because I am using a valid template ID, and yet I am being told that a valid template ID is required from the server (Which makes sense by the way!). Once again I believe this is because the {id} of the template that I would like to create LP's from is not being passed through. This is the only API call that I am experiencing this with, which leads me to think that this API call has not been fully developed yet, or the incorrect information is being displayed on the developers page. Any direction on this would be most helpful. Thank you.

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Marketo Employee

Re: Creating Landing Page API

The template ID is a parameter passed in the body as "template", not as a path parameter.  There were some examples on this page that somehow went unpublished here.  I've published them so it, should be a little clearer now.