Creating and editing multiple marketing list in MS Dynamics 365

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Creating and editing multiple marketing list in MS Dynamics 365

We'd looking to have Marketo create/update multiple marketing lists in Dynamics 365 associated to the same campaign. Our goal is to provide transparency to our events without needing to provide users access to Marketo or manage off-line lists. For example:


- A marketer is having an in-person event and we're managing the registrations through Marketo. When someone registers, we'd like Marketo to create a marketing list for those that have registered (this is the first list). I understand the capabilities for "add to Microsoft Campaign" and we can are doing this. 

- When people attend/do not attend we'd like to create a second and third marketing list for these resources as well. 


This is an example, but we'd also use this functionality for webcasts and other programs where these lists could grow into hundreds or thousands. Currently, as far as I can tell, Marketo can only create one marketing list per campaign in Dynamics.


Our end goal is to provide a clear picture in Dynamics of this data to a larger group of people. We will be creating campaign responses in Dynamics as well, but these are more cumbersome for many users than the simplicity of a list. Responses are a related entity to the contact and can be less useful than a list of actual contacts.


Is there any way to accomplish this? Has anyone else done this in the past? I'm looking into building a custom webhook but I'd prefer to avoid further customizations.