Creating an "umbrella" Campaign

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Creating an "umbrella" Campaign

I'm doing a promotion that involves two different landing pages, two emails, and a webinar. Right now I have it set up with different SF campaigns for each, and they are all under one "program". First of all I don't feel like the program is right because you have to choose a channel and I have various channels within the program. Second, instead of setting up individual campaigns for each of these items is there an appropriate way to set up one parent campaign with children underneath? All for reporting purposes.

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Re: Creating an "umbrella" Campaign

Can you provide a bit more info? I run a monthly webinar series here with a similar set up but in my case it's just one registration landing page, a few emails, some twitter and linkedin ad campaigns and a set of triggers and flows to plunk all my leads into SFDC.

Are these assets all used as part of that Webinar campaign ie: driving to webinar registration and subsequent asset download/email alerts etc? Or are these independent items tied around a theme? ie: Webinar registration, content download, eblast for other deliverable and so on...  Just trying to get a better idea of what the program from a business perspective.


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Re: Creating an "umbrella" Campaign

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Re: Creating an "umbrella" Campaign

Hey Sara,

The Perkuto blog post isn't bad... It's probably a bit more than what you need as you seem to already understand what you'd like.

The short answer is, you're totally on the right track... What you're trying to do is SPOT ON!

Before we talk about your program it's worth understanding that there are a couple of limitations that Marketo has:

You cannot put a program within a program except:

    1. An email program can be nested in a default program
    2. A default or an email program can be nested within an engagement program

To better answer your question it's important to understand the relationship between the activities you've described. The questions I'd want you to answer are:

  • Are the emails there to encourage leads to attend the webinar, or are they stand alone email activities?
  • Are the landing pages registration pages for the webinar, or are they stand alone activities?

If they are all related then what you'd be looking at is a "Webinar Program" with local assets for the emails and the landing pages. In order to evaluate your activities you'd leverage an email performance report, a landing page performance report, and a program performance report.

Once you set it up it's a breeze and you get GREAT data... You can be analyzing like a boss in no time.

If they are unrelated, then you'd want to set each activity up in a separate program... There's no real "umbrella program" functionality in Marketo, but in SFDC you can use the parent campaign and in Marketo you'd just have to lean on folders.

You may have caught this earlier, but there is a "hack" that allows you to have an umbrella program which is using an engagement program as your umbrella... But this is NOT what it was intended for and it's not something I'd advise.

Hope this helps


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Re: Creating an "umbrella" Campaign

I've been doing some research in general on best practices and I found a great blog called, Marketing Rockstar Guides​. Funny note -- After I began reading and perusing the site, I realized it was owned/managed by Josh Hill​​ (previous respondent). Needless to say, I have added a number of things to my Marketo Trello Board.

I am about to go off topic here, but I also had a suspicion that the SFDC Campaign Member Object could be my link to create really effective SFDC reporting and multi-touch campaign attribution... If your interested in definitely check out the Marketing Attribution Setup Checklist.

I highly recommend having a look ​. I don't mean for this to sound like a plug, but it really is a great source for any of us Marketing Automation Folks.