Creating an email with a survey

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Creating an email with a survey

Has anyone created an email in Marketo that used its in house survey creator?

I'm looking to do this, and wondering if we should do it through Survey Monkey and just provide a link within the email itself, or create an email with an embedded Marketo survey.

And, could anyone shed light on where to find how to create the in house survey for an email in Marketo?

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Re: Creating an email with a survey

You can't really "embed" a survey in an email.  Putting a functional HTML form in an email is a no-go.

You can fake the look of a form within an email body by using images for checkboxes, radio buttons, buttons, et al., and then have each one link to a particular URL (meaning, in practice, you can't expect people to respond to more than one "question" because they're probably not going to bother going back to the email to answer another).   You can also make each link go to the same form (or, I suppose, survey) and have that initial click prefill one answer. Might be more engaging than "click to fill out the survey," I don't know.