Creating a "Do Not Synch" rule for Dynamics 365

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Creating a "Do Not Synch" rule for Dynamics 365

Hello!   When we set up Marketo, we had wanted everything to synch back and forth to our Dynamics 365 instance. However, that is no longer the case. How do I change this? 

I'm thinking I need a triggered smart campaign that says if Synch to D365 checked, then synch. If not, then do nothing.

Do I need to do anything on the Dynamics side?

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Re: Creating a "Do Not Synch" rule for Dynamics 365

This should suffice if you wish to selectively create and sync new people in MS Dynamics from Marketo as they get created in the Marketo. Marketo only leads don’t get created and synced with the CRM on their own via the native sync, they’d need to be synced via the explicit Sync Person to Microsoft flow step or via the implicit CRM sync flow steps, like Add to Campaign, Change Owner in Microsoft, etc. However, if you’d like to stop/manage syncing of people who are currently synced with the MS Dynamics then you’d need to setup custom sync rules per this documentation page.