Creating a List for AdRoll

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Creating a List for AdRoll

I need to create a list in Marketo that AdRoll can access. I want AdRoll to pull target leads from specific accounts.  However, I don't want to upload them into Marketo as a list because they are already in the database and I think that will create duplicates.  What is the best way to get this list made without creating duplicates?

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Re: Creating a List for AdRoll

Jessica Cross

If they are in the database and you have their email address, it should not create dupes.

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Re: Creating a List for AdRoll

Hey Lucy!

Just saw this notification.  You don't need to upload a list if you use the CRM integration between Marketo and AdRoll. You can simply sync an existing static list to AdRoll. I did a quick write up on how to make a static list behave like a smart list by using batch smart campaigns to keep your static list up to date:

Let me know if this answers your question!