Create Task for Account Objects

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Create Task for Account Objects

We are trying to automate a Task for our salespeople based on an account-level trigger (opportunity stage, account contract age, etc.) but the "Create Task" flow step seems that it can only create tasks for Lead/Contact records.

This is problematic because we often have several leads or contacts for a single account record. If Acme Corp has 50 Contacts, the salesperson will get 50 Tasks. We need one task assigned at the account level, not associated to a Contact.

Any ideas on getting this to work?

Deb Schleede
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Re: Create Task for Account Objects

HI Deb,

Marketo can only create tasks for the Lead/Contact and not the Account.

One of my recommendations would be to have a "primary" and "secondary" flag on the lead/contact. So in this scenario the 2 most important leads, who would be the most relevant to speak based on the job title or any other important criteria, would be flagged as either the primary or secondary. Then when we create the task, our criteria would include that the primary and secondary records would be the only leads/contact records where the task was created and then the sales people can follow up with these leads/contacts.

Hope this helps



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Re: Create Task for Account Objects

If you have a salesforce developer, ask them to try create an Apex class and trigger to "migrate" the task from the contact record to the parent account record

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Re: Create Task for Account Objects

Hi, I'm assuming you are using Salesforce as your CRM so I would recommend doing this workflow through Salesforce. My company is also B2B and do most opp/product workflows off of the account and not the contact record so we definitely have most of our automated tasks set the way you want - for instance, if an opportunity isn't touched for a certain amount of time, it generates a task for the sales owner to reach out to the account (the sales team can decide who is best to contact).  Your SFDC admin should be able to set this up for you.