Create/Call Webhooks when Lead is created.

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Create/Call Webhooks when Lead is created.

We need to call a Web-hook when a lead is created. We need to send lead to an other CRM, when it's created.

How this can be achievable?

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Re: Create/Call Webhooks when Lead is created.

It is possible.

You need to define the webhook properly with the correct details from all parties, also to be sure that the fields are referring to each other.

Feel free to contact us in person to get more information.

Ronen Wasserman
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Re: Create/Call Webhooks when Lead is created.

In the documentation it's mentioned, how to configure webhooks for Smart Campaigns.

Use a Webhook in a Smart Campaign - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

But I want to configure webhooks at the event when a new Lead is creto ated and when Lead is updated.

I need to sync the data entered data with MS Dynamics CRM. When a lead is created/updated in Marketo, it should also be created/updated in MS Dynamics CRM.

I am unable to find, where or which event I have to register webhooks.

For Smart Campaigns, seems like this can done as:


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Re: Create/Call Webhooks when Lead is created.

This isn't really a webhook-related question; it applies to any trigger campaign setup, and the place to start is always a person's Activity Log. That's where you model the activities you want to trigger on.

In this case the activities would in theory be New Person, plus Data Value Changes triggers for all the fields you wish to sync.

However, this is not going to be workable in practice. You can't call a webhook on every individual field change because it will overwhelm not only Marketo but most likely your CRM as well.

Instead what you need to do, if indeed a webhook is the only way to relay data, is set up a batch-to-trigger config.  You have a batch that runs once daily, filtering on people either Created At or Updated At today.  That batch calls Request Campaign against a trigger campaign. The trigger campaign calls the webhook. (Batches cannot call webhooks directly.)

I still would be wary of such an arrangement unless you can be assured (and who can be?) that your volume will be low, say no more than 50,000 leads updated in a given day. I'm every bit the superfan of webhooks but you have to know when not to use them.

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Re: Create/Call Webhooks when Lead is created.

Hey Tayyab

Is your Marketo instance connected with a CRM already? and are you attempting to push new leads created or updated into another CRM like MSD (Microsoft Dynamics)?

Marketo has a native connector with MSD CRM. If you have currently not integrated with a CRM, I would look at this option.first as it would make things really simple for you.

Another question, if you are using MSD as an additional CRM how do you plan on reading the information that is coming from MSD into Marketo?