Counting Asset Downloads

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Counting Asset Downloads

I have been asked to provide a count for how many times every asset on my client's web site - including their Marketo domain - has been downloaded. That is, for each white paper, recorded webinar, ebook ,etc., how many times has each been downloaded from the beginning of time (though I'm sure I could persuade them to put a cap on the timeline, such as, in the last 2 years). I keep telling them that Marketo is the wrong tool for this - because Marketo essentially tracks leads, not content pieces. The only way I can think of to do it in Marketo would be to create a Smart List for each asset with the filters "Clicks Link on Web Site (in Email): Link Contains <name of asset.pdf>". That would at least give them a count of how many leads had downloaded each asset, but it's an impractical solution because they have so many assets. Is there some other way to go about this using Marketo that I am overlooking? Wouldn't some type of website analytics package be a better tool for this job?

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Re: Counting Asset Downloads

Hi Denise,

You're right.  Marketo is focused on leads, so this kind of analytics is not going to be simple or completely accurate.  A smart list is what I would have suggested also, but keep in mind that it will only reflect leads currently in the database.

There isn't currently anything else that counts the number of times a piece of content is served.


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Re: Counting Asset Downloads

Right, not specifically, but there are ways:

  • Clicks Link on Web Page
  • Clicks Link in Email
  • Fills Out Form at least X times
  • # Members != not quite # of asset downloads

To count the touches you could use BrightFunnel or Full Circle or Path To Scale.

To count total asset downloads you can go to launchpoint and use something like Kapost, etc...