Re: Copy Custom Activity Information into a Field

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Copy Custom Activity Information into a Field

Hi, we'd like to use one of the fields on a custom activity and pass it to a field, so we can see it in SF also.

Is there a way to do so?



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Re: Copy Custom Activity Information into a Field

Hi Itay,

Can you elaborate more about the "custom activity", what kind of activity exactly?

Ronen Wasserman
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Re: Copy Custom Activity Information into a Field

Hi Ronen, we're using Drift and they have integration to Marketo through custom activities to pass some meaningful events (conversation / meeting etc.)

The custom activity of the conversation has the following fields:


Once the activity is logged in Marketo, I was wondering if it's possible to use one if its fields and pass it to a SF/Marketo field, or even to create a task in SF.

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Re: Copy Custom Activity Information into a Field

Hi @Itay_Billet4 


I'm looking for a similar thing - I want the Salesforce activity detail to be passed onto a specific field for that, so that when there are errors I can actually pull a report on people who have them and even analyze the information. @Dan_Stevens_ is this something that can be done with the method you propose? Trigger tokens? I'm not sure exactly what you mean since for me that means email scripting and script tokens or simply regular tokens based on existing fields but used in triggered campaigns. 


To perhaps answer your (old by now) question, @Itay_Billet4 , an alternative is to play around with Drift's sync options and sync to both CRMs, but choose to sync the lead only to Marketo and the activities only to Salesforce. Drift will lookup the lead record in Salesforce (it will attempt several times after the conversation is closed) and attach the activity to it once it finally syncs and is found. This new activity on the Salesforce record will then sync to Marketo some minutes later. 


In Salesforce conversations look better, more user friendly. But iirc conversation tags (which are super helpful for logic in Marketo) are only available on the Marketo custom activities. Here is what it looks like for us:





We get double entries for meetings booked and conversations in Marketo, but that is fine. This was because of the conversation tags that I can only see and use in Marketo through the Marketo integration (and to be on the safe side) and at the same time wanting sales reps to be able to see their Drift conversations in Salesforce. 

When the conversation is logged in Salesforce it is also synced to Marketo but it is missing the tags. 

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Re: Copy Custom Activity Information into a Field

@Itay_Billet4 Just wondering if you were able to find a solution to pass the custom activity to salesforce? 

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Re: Copy Custom Activity Information into a Field

Hi @Shweta_Hegde , 


If you are also specifically working with Drift custom activities, my reply before should help. 

Otherwise, it seems like Marketo does not support passing custom activities onto a field. 


If it's some other sort of custom integration that you are working with in your situation, there could be a solution that involves creating the needed field in Salesforce so that it becomes available in Marketo, then, in the same integration that creates the custom activity, use the lead update endpoint to also populate a record's field with the custom activity's value you are interested in. 


I'm not a developer so I can't be more detailed here, sorry. 

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Re: Copy Custom Activity Information into a Field

Normally, you would include activity into a field via trigger tokens. But unfortunately, they don‘t support custom activities. Vote here: