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Contact as Marketing Suspended

Hello Everyone,

How is a contact determined as marketing suspended ‘true’ or ‘false, from where (Marketo/ SFDC) this status gets updated. Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Contact as Marketing Suspended

There are quite a few Community posts out there about this topic, here are a couple:

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Is the Marketing Suspended Field Timed?

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Re: Contact as Marketing Suspended

Chris- Thanks for your reply

After going through these links I understood that any lead who received a email bounced will be set as Marketing suspended = True.

Can u help me with any other reason beacuse of which the status may get updated.

I have a contact whose status is Marketing suspended= True, checked the activity log but could not see any details or activity for Marketing status to get updated as True. Need help in understanding how did that happen.

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Re: Contact as Marketing Suspended

By default, leads that have an email that bounces are not marked as Marketing Suspended.  Marketing Suspended is a field wholly controlled by your marketing team; if leads are being marked that way then you have a Smart Campaign or some other process set up to mark them as Marketing Suspended.  Without access to your Marketo instance (and possibly your SFDC instance) and reviewing all of your active campaigns, there's not much anyone here can do but guess.  If you aren't seeing the Change Data Value for Marketing Suspended in an activity log then it's likely that activity has already been archived; switch to the Archive view following the instructions here Filter Activity Types in the Activity Log of a Person - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation   .  If all else fails, contact Support with links to records that are marked as Marketing Suspended for assistance.