Considerations for moving to new, merged instance of SFDC

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Considerations for moving to new, merged instance of SFDC

Hey all,

My company was recently acquired and we're in the midst of working on a migration plan to merge our two instances of SFDC. At this point, it sounds like we will be moving to their instance, so I'm trying to build a plan for how our existing Marketo implementation will need to be updated.

To give a bit of history, right now we send all data to SFDC as it enters Marketo. We also take advantage of the campaign sync for every inbound/outbound campaign we execute.

I'm curious if anyone has had experience with any of the following:
-what happens to campaign/activity history (assuming SFDC ID will be changing on existing records)
-what process did you use, timing wise? Turn off integration, merge SFDC instances, turn back integration with new instance?

I'm sure there are things I'm missing, but those are just a few that I thought of off the top.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can share.

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Re: Considerations for moving to new, merged instance of SFDC

You may run into issues here because of the 1:1 nature of the Marketo-SFDC sync. I would need a LOT more info before giving recommendations, but I would tread very carefully here. It would depend which org you chose to be the primary, and which was going away.

If you move to their instance of Salesforce, and Marketo is synced to yours, you won't be able to move your sync to theirs. You may end up needing an entirely new instance of Marketo. I recommend reaching out to Support or a Marketo consultant to assist with this one.