Community Management Structure

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Community Management Structure

Although a community has existed for years within my organization, it has lacked strategy, governance, customer engagement, and a Community Manager. In 2019, my organization wants to change that. And, as part of that initiative, I have been tasked with creating a 'Community Governance Structure'. Since I am new to Community Management myself, I am seeking advice from the professionals out there. I'd like to understand:

  1. What type of community does your organization have? Support? Knowledge Base? Mixed use case?
  2. How is Community Management structured within your organization?
    • Is the community owned by one department or multiple departments?
    • And which department(s) owns the community?
  3. How many people are part of your ‘Community Team’? Titles? Level of experience?
  4. Any best practices you can share around how your organization manages both ideation and customer questions?
  5. What advice would you give to someone who is new to Community Management and/or advice for re-branding a community?

I think Marketo does a great job of managing their Community (along with the Champions!) and I would enjoy hearing from some of the team members who assist.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Community Management Structure

Janet Dulsky​ ?

I'd prob look at well run sites as well as search online for articles. To me, it's easy - be responsive, give people spaces to talk, one manager owns it. A lot of good ideas are built into the structure of this site. I'd also look at usability - make it really simple for people to get to their main interest.

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Re: Community Management Structure

Rita Simmons​, you ask a lot of really great questions. I'm happy to connect with you and share our learnings from the Marketing Nation Community. I'll send you a DM.

Thank you,